JCS Studios is focused on producing only the finest quality handmade items to wear and use in your home.  We create both unique and functional items that are soft, durable, colorful and fun.  Every silk scarf is made with either Habotai silk or other specialty exotic silks that are luxurious against the skin.  Habotai means “soft as down” in Japanese and has been traditionally worn for centuries because of it’s lightweight and shimmering quality.

Every piece of silk for scarves or pillowcases is designed with a unique theme and dyed by hand.  Each design is bold and colorful, drawing the eye and inspiring curiosity.  Many of the designs are drawn or printed by hand with a gutta resist, then a screen printing technique is often used to dye the silk with vivid Tin fix or Procion dyes.  Every piece is edged and finished to complement the design and fabric and prevent unraveling and curling.  Hand-carved and painted Raku buttons are used as closures or as decorative embellishments.  JCS also offers handwoven designs, hand-felted scarves, rugs and pillowcases.

JCS Studios is a small business owned and operated by Charley Beckman out of a workshop in her home.  Charley works every day sketching designs, mixing colors for fabric, dyeing, sewing, and embroidering each pillowcase, scarf or silk screen she creates.  She lives with her husband in beautiful Northwest Arkansas, a colorful landscape including an array of flowers and plants that change every season.  The country in that area provides amazing inspiration for many of the pieces in Charley’s portfolio of designs.  Every item is cared for in every way possible to make the finished product one you will be proud to wear and own.

Please contact us if you would like a custom piece.  We will work with you to create any silk or felted piece you would like to own, including pillowcases, scarves, throws, blankets, rugs, purses, dresses, ruanas, or wall hangings.

Charley Beckman 2081 Dime Drive, Springdale, Arkansas, 72754.  E-mail: ckbeckman@gmail.com  Phone #479-841-9961